Shanghai “Nong Hou”

Our tour guide, Vicky, is a Shanghai local and taught us to say hello in Shanghai dialect – “Nong Hou”.
We just wrapped up the first part of our Shanghai CAP project and arrived in Beijing yesterday. Looking back we couldn’t believe we have stayed in Shanghai for 5 days and seen the historical Yu Garden, got on the 88th floor of the Jin Mao Tower, toured the “bund” on a dinner cruise, watched an incredible acrobatics show and even took a bullet train to Suzhou to see the Humble Administrator Garden. Although it has been only five days, we felt like having time travelled back to the Ming Dynasty, the first Opium War and the economic reform but we can also foresee Shanghai’s future – a leading financial center of Asia and even the entire world.
We loved Shanghai cuisine, too. “Xiao Long Bao” seems to be the favorite of many of our classmates. We can tell pork and duck are popular meats here in China and obviously Chinese are known for being very adventurous on food (we tried roasted pigeon!). Tsingtao Beer is also very much appreciated but since we got to Beijing last night and tried the Yanjing Beer (a local specialty of Beijing) many of us seemed to like the Beijing local beer too.
The past couple of days in Shanghai have been amazing experience for our CAP Shanghai team and we are so excited to have arrived in another historical site – Beijing and about to begin our adventure here! Our first stop today – well you probably already guessed right – the Great Wall!


Enjoying "Xiao Long Bao" at the Yu Garden!


Amazing night view of the "bund"


On the 88th floor of the Jinmao Tower!


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