Tour of Delhi – First Day in India!

Guest blogger: Tom Gardner

We were all very excited to arrive in Delhi on Saturday and early Sunday morning, but most of us were equally tired after travelling for almost 24 hour to get here (as a consequence of long layovers between connecting flights coupled with flight delays). Once we arrived, our tour operator greeted us each with a necklace of marigold flowers, which is symbolic in Indian culture and used for festive occasions.


Tom with his necklace of marigold.

After a short drive from the airport (which included seeing an elephant walking on the street carrying a passenger on its back!), we arrived at the luxurious and beautiful Taj Mahal Hotel. This five star hotel is located in one of the most exclusive areas of New Delhi—close to the presidential palace, embassy row, and Buddha Jayanti Park (Delhi’s Central Park).


Tom and Morgan in the lobby of the Taj Mahal Hotel with some of our other India CAP buddies.

The next morning, to prevent us from sleeping all day and ensure that we adjusted to the 9.5 hour time difference, Professor Kanungo arranged for a tour of the city. We saw many of the city’s main attractions and even took a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi.


India Gate


Raj Ghat: The tomb of Mahatma Gandhi.


Market in Old Delhi


Rickshaw Ride! Morgan and Ebony on the rickshaw riding through the Old Delhi market.


Rickshaw Ride: Tom and Brian


Rickshaw Ride: Jumaan and Saleh


Woman selling vegetables in Old Delhi market.


One of the ancient Hindu temples of Qutab complex.


Tomb of Humayun

That night our client, Maruti-Suzuki, treated us to a fantastic welcome dinner. The food was delicious but, by that time, many of us were crashing. Now we’re working on refining our findings and finalizing the project — and getting ready for our final presentation next week!


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