The Journey so far…

It all started in January, when we were handed our specific project and divided into 3 teams respectively. We are part of Project 2 and our client is Beymen Club, a second line of Beymen, which caters to the younger demographic. Our team was tasked to formulate and implement strategies based on the value proposition, target segmentation and geographic expansion for Beymen Club. We were fortunate to have distinguished guest speakers from the Brookings Institute and Georgetown University during our in class sessions, most of which were spent gaining a deeper understanding of Turkey’s political and economic landscape in order to better serve our client’s requirements. Our team interacted with the client on a bi-weekly basis and the primary mode of business communication was Skype. These virtual sessions only further established the importance of technology and the global experience that is a part of our Consulting Abroad Program.

Despite a snowy afternoon, our team ventured out to Georgetown for a site visit. This included visits to brands such as J. Crew, Scotch & Soda and Diesel. Beymen Club uses some of these brands as a benchmark for their products and our objective was to study price points and store layouts in detail.

The show must go on…


Final Presentation and Reception Dinner

The day arrived when all teams had to make their final presentations in front of our class and a panel of judges, who had expertise in the Turkish business domain. After a stellar performance by our presenters, our ideas were appreciated and we received positive feedback from Professor Akyuz and the rest of the panel. It was then time for a celebration that included cuisines representing all CAP destinations.



Get, set, go!

After four months of hard work in the U.S., team Turkey is ready to set sail for a new experience and adventure. Turkey offers delicious cuisine, a vibrant night life, and scenic beauty. We are all excited to embrace the exposure of a different culture, along with the prospect of learning about the Turkish economy through several business leaders in Istanbul. Also, we will finally have the opportunity to meet our client, Beymen Club, and make our final presentation to them. Stay tuned for our posts from the country that is said to be a bridge between Europe and Asia!

Team Project 2, 2014 CAP – Turkey


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