India Impressions

4 days have flown by since our arrival; at times it feels like barely 24 hours have passed and other times it feels like six months have gone by. Jet lag hampered us, but time is finally getting back to normal it feels.

India is often described as “controlled chaos,” and Delhi is no exception. People and vehicles weave around each other with seeming disregard, and while congestion occurs, things seem to always keep moving. Finding an empty street is near impossible, even at 3 AM – our group was even lucky enough to see an elephant on the way in from the airport!  But by and large, it’s the people that continue to stand out, even amid all the colors and smells and everything else.


A “light” Sunday market, according to the guide


Shopkeeper at Dilli Haat


We have been able to explore some other parts of the city when not engaged with the client. Most noteworthy so far are the Qutub Mina and Humayun’s tomb – a precursor to the Taj Mahal. These two spots are the relative oases in the bustle of Delhi, and it will be curious to see how they react as the city continues to grow around them


Humayun’s Tomb


Qutub Minar

And of course, no post while in India should end without at least one picture of the food, so here’s two. Delhi is making it really inconvenient to eat Indian food back home because the food at home pales in comparison to here


Lunch Break Food. Unbelievably good Butter Chicken


Dining Out at Pindi



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