CAP Argentina: The Arrival

After much hard work and anticipation, the time has finally come to venture to South America and continue our learning experiences in person.  Paperwork and luggage in hand, 18 GW students successfully boarded an overnight flight to arrive in Buenos Aires and begin truly consulting abroad.  The trip in question was by no means easy.  A handful of students had the unfortunate experience of losing luggage, there were tight transfer windows, and everyone had to endure the extended nightmare that is customs, or ‘la aduana’, at the International Airport upon landing.  Cafe con leche (coffee with milk) quickly became the post-trip requirement standard.


Adios USA


La Aduana, where patience is key

Fortunately, everyone was able to make it in time for our program orientation.  The Austral Group, a university partner and the co-organizer of our itinerary, provided us with a great presentation which highlighted do’s and don’ts in addition to recommended activities.  We proceeded to jump right in to the Argentine experience just hours after arriving, taking a rainy tour of the entire city via bus.  Among the visited sites were the president’s ‘Pink House’, national hero Eva Peron’s grave, and the Boca district where the country’s most popular professional soccer team plays.  Finishing up with a traditional dinner and glass of malbec in Recoleta, it is now time to prepare for the client interactions and site visits beginning early tomorrow.  With a nice sample of the culture in hand, we look forward to seeing what else Buenos Aires has to offer.


The Austral Group providing key information for our stay


Trip materials (refreshments courtesy of Hotel Melia)


Some colorful street art in La Boca


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