Up in the air

Thanks to technological innovation we now have internet over 30,000 feet. First time ever writing a blog when I’m up in the air! Right now I’m on my way from Abu Dhabi to Shanghai. 7-hour flight just went by 2 hours and 15 minutes…However I was lucky enough to have classmate and friend Karim Chemali to travel with. Having a companion just made long-haul flight much easier…

We are only 5 hours away from Shanghai! Karim mentioned tea house in China so I thought it might be a good idea to spend Sunday afternoon time at a tea house after checking in the hotel. Speaking of hotel, I’m looking forward to see the JW Marriott in Shanghai. Heard it is in a high rise so at least the view should be amazing (if there is no smug)!

10 days ago our team did a mock presentation in front of judges from Choice Hotel chain and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. I was a little nervous to present in front of experts from the hospitality industry but I saw all three teams did a great job. In terms of our Club Marriott team, we were excited to talk about our findings about website improvements, new media marketing and B2B strategy for enhancing the Club Marriott membership base. Judges provided us with very helpful advice and the major takeaways are develop action plans for B2C sector and make B2B card benefits more flexible in order to make the offerings more attractive. When we get to Shanghai, we will have the opportunities to visit corporates and further develop our recommended strategies. We really look forward to the site visits!

Shanghai here we come!


Having a nice suite on the plane and a travel buddy are important!


Mock presentation…A little dark in the room but you can still see Joanna’s smile!


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