Travelling to India

It’s just after 3:30 local time after a long transit to Delhi from Dulles and 12 of the 16 India CAP participants have arrived. The program starts tomorrow (today?), but before we offer reflections and impressions of India, the last guest post from our team. Brian Piechocki has the honors, the rest is all him.


Today, we embarked on the journey to Delhi.  Our flight to Dubai left Dulles International Airport at 10:55 AM.  Luckily, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries was open, so we could get one last juicy, cheesy mess before 2 weeks full of delicious Indian food.

Not going to find this in India

Fellow India CAP adventurers were on the same flight: Varun, Greg, Morgan, Ebony, Tanya, Misun, Patrick, and even a few from other CAP trips. It was a full flight; there were people from multiple countries on board.  It was an extremely diverse passenger base.  After a 12 ½ hour flight (the longest flight I’ve ever been on) filled with CAP preparation and movie watching, we finally arrived in Dubai for our seven hour layover.

Doing our best to relax on the layover

After aimlessly wandering around the Dubai airport, perusing the vast duty free, and devouring our delicious complimentary buffet meal, it was time to embark on our flight to Delhi!  That brings us to the present.  As I’m writing this, we are all on the flight, waiting to land.  Due to weather complications, we circled Delhi for about an extra 45 minutes, before the pilot made the announcement; we are being diverted to Ahmedabad.  We will wait at Ahmedabad until the weather clears, and then back to Delhi. Our long travel day just got longer, but at least the 8 of us are travelling together.

I am looking forward to our time in India.  Most importantly, I’m excited to tackle this consulting project in person.  Being on-site is likely to change the dynamic of the project immensely.  I’m excited to glean tons of information, and develop a comprehensive solutions approach.  Of course, I am also excited for the many extracurricular activities such as my first cricket match and exploring New Delhi.  This will certainly be an experience of a lifetime – just too bad we have to wait a few more hours to get into the city. (Edit: we arrived at the Delhi airport at 12:30 AM, 4½ hours after the original scheduled time).

Welcome to India, indeed!


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