Phase 1: Determing the Scope, Do Some Research, Present. This is Consulting Abroad — From DC to Kigali, Rwanda.

The Global MBAs at GWSB have been working for months with classmates and Ikirezi Natural Products, which is based in Kigali, Rwanda.  The scope of the consulting project involves analyzing controls processes in the growing, process and distribution of Ikirezi’s main product, essential oils.  Ikirezi is a social enterprise geared towards economically empowering farmers, women, children and families in rural Rwanda and beyond.  Even just being in the U.S., learning everything we can about the industry, Rwanda’s present infrastructure and economic capabilities, and the client as been completely eye-opening.




The group consists of Todd Wegner, Dan Fuchs, Yi Lu, Yufei Gao, and me (Bennett Wilson).  We are the Ikirezi Ops team – hardwork, humor and a hefty amount of coffee have fueled our efforts over the past few months.  I leave for Logan Airport from Boston in about an hour.  I’ll fly through Amsterdam to Kigali, Rwanda.  Todd, I know, is in Doha for the night.  I’m not sure what time it is there, but it turns out he was not allowed to leave the airport.

Here are some pictures of our work in DC, meeting, presenting, researching.  There’s gonna be a stark contrast between what happens in DC and what happens in Rwanda.  Check out the pictures and stay tuned!

Todd paying attention


Todd takes notes as the team prepares to present for the guest judges.


Yi and Yufei

Yufei (left) and Yi (right) say hello!



Group working

Wrapping up a long meeting detailing the project scope.  From left: Todd, Dan and Yufei.


Dan Presenting


 Dan practices his segment of the presentation before we present to the judges.


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