BIOGAS Argentina: How It All Started

It’s crazy to think that in just a few days, CAP Argentina will begin and the culmination of the term’s work will be presented to our client, in one fell swoop.  However, Team Biogas and our subsequent consulting work certainly did not materialize in an instant.  Hailing from a diverse set of professional and educational backgrounds, the five of us unanimously agreed on one thing: the selection of a project that would challenge us to learn about an unfamiliar industry and create something that added value.  Enter BIOGAS Argentina: a two-person firm trying to become the industry standard for natural waste-energy conversion plant development services, in Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas.


(Above – Team BIOGAS working on client recommendations) 

As engineers with no formal business background, they stressed the importance of our inputs from the perspective of American MBA students at the outset of the project.  We were, of course, more than happy to cater to their requests throughout our various client calls and deliverables.  Spanning every focus area, from a formal business plan to internal management solutions as company growth continues, the interactions prior to our face-to-face meetings have been beneficial for all involved parties.  Our talks with one another, in both native languages, have been vital to our preparations, ensuring both clarity and comfort for everyone in deciding on what the key components would be.  Now, that the pre-work has been done and we’ve had the chance to further assess our work with the help of industry professionals, it’s time for the real deal.  Next up: la capital, Buenos Aires.

(Below – BIOGAS Argentina staff on a project site (from L-R:  Sr. Ezequiel, partner farmer, Sr. Martin Pinos))


Team BIOGAS consists of Vaibhav Anand, Vinay Chandra, Camden Jones, Grant McIntosh, and Alicia Wiygul



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