From the moment CAP Argentina was announced, many among us knew that Latin America awaited for us. When it came time to form teams we were equally blessed with a group as diverse as it gets both, with respect to our skills and to our backgrounds. I remember the anticipation with which everyone awaited their project fates on the first day of CAP meeting with Dr. Anna Helm. People scrambled to form alliances and teams and we were one character shy of a James Bond style espionage movie. Ok, so I might be exaggerating a little bit.

Our client liaisons have been extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their industry. You may say this is but expected. However, I must admit that we were able to nurture this relationship mainly due to our Spanish speaking team members. It is then that we truly realized the strength of forging relationships in business and how important a role language plays. Diana and Hannes’ translated notes went a long way.

After meetings with Dr. Anna Helm, professor Lucea, some industry experts and other academics we are well on our way to present a targeted recommendation for our client.




We sometime take conveniences and opportunities for granted. Once such reality check was when we are able to set up a meeting with a wind energy expert, Sean Whittaker, at the World Bank (IFC). I remember googling for the location only to realize that we could see the building from Duques. This meeting gave us insights into the financial motivations of turbine manufacturers and the barriers that exist in the industry in general. 


We finally finished the final presentation to be presented at school on 1st May with complete confidence in our research. There was a sense of team solidarity and we all knew that either of us would be willing to go the extra mile for each other.


Team Tango consists of: Hannes Holtlege, Diana Robledo, Ernesto Cancho Rodriguez, Aaditya Saple and Vinu Varghese


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