In-School Presentations Finished – Time for the Real Thing

Thursday was the culmination of all the efforts from not just the India teams, but teams from all five CAP destinations. Throughout the process, we have learned a lot and had both successes and frustrations. But with the presentation on the line, I believe all the groups came together very well, and I’m proud of what our team was able to accomplish. We pitched our ideas to a group of judges with 80+ years of experience in supply chain and got some great feedback and advice.

The India CAP judges - Dr. Srinivas Prasad, Gregory Yadzinsky, Barry Miller, and Burlie Brunson

The India CAP judges – Dr. Srinivas Prasad, Gregory Yadzinsky, Barry Miller, and Burlie Brunson


Standing in front of the judges was not easy, but going in, we all told each other to stand firm in our beliefs and remember that the judges’ goal was to give us an audience and forum for feedback before we go. They appreciated a lot of our ideas, and found some things we needed to address with the client. The challenge of a project like this is not being able to get information, so the judges main recommendation was to clearly define a list of items needed for Day 1 in-country. Being in the room with them was invaluable, and we wrote several of their ideas down immediately after our Q&A was over.

photo 2

Team Leader Brian taking notes less than 1 minute after the Q&A – plenty of good ideas to explore further

Even more rewarding was to hear Professor Kanungo’s comments after the presentation. He has kept our expectations realistic throughout and genuinely appreciated all of our efforts to help Motherson Sumi. Not all of us are planning to be consultants after this project, but every member of this Team strongly wants to find value to add to the client. Hearing the professor echo those sentiments meant a lot, and we are excited to fly out in one week to meet our clients!

photo 3

Team 1, Motherson Sumi. Wenmei Pan, Greg Vallarino, Saleh Al-Othman, and Brian Piechocki. Next stop, Delhi!


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