Sunumlar eğlenceli! (presentations are fun)

Yesterday afternoon, the 3 teams from Turkey’s CAP Practicum had the pleasure of presenting a final mock presentation before our esteemed judges, Yavuz Arik, Marketing Director at Paolo Cardelli (maker of custom binders and presentation tools) and Cengiz Kara, a second year GMBA at GWSB. These presentations marked the culmination of over 3.5 months of intensive research for our client, Beymen, a Turkish retailer of high-end clothing and luxury goods. 

A picture of Team 1 in their war-room making important last minute refinements: 


Team 1’s Project/Presentation involves attracting new customers to Beymen and fine-tuning their loyalty program; the scope concerns not only finding ways to offer enhanced value to current customers, but also attracting new customers in exciting, savvy ways! Team 1 really made an impression on our judges who were extremely pleased with their understanding of the changing demographics in Turkey and how to best reach Beymen’s targeted clientele.

Team 2’s Project/Presentation concerns BC (Beymen Club), Beymen’s younger, hip mono-brand subsidiary. Unfortunately, a picture alone would not do their presentation any justice, as their savvy, interactive approach truly allowed both the combined teams and our judges to see some of the ways that BC can make an even more prominent splash among the fashion forward elite in Turkey!

A picture of Team 3 a few moments before presentation time: 


 Lastly, Team 3’s Project/Presentation involves growing Beymen’s online presence. Beymen is an awesome brand, with a loyal and enthusiastic clientele; however, their online portal only scrapes the surface of the superior customer service afforded to their in-store customers. As such, Team 3 made some great recommendations as to how Beymen can begin to use its website as a fashion portal that highlights lifestyle fashion elements and truly immerses the user, bolstered by an online stylist and state of the art technology that can add tremendous value to the customer’s online shopping experience! 

I think for all of us our research and presentations have accented what’s been an exciting first year for us here at GWSB, and now we’re only one week away from embarking on what surely will be an extraordinary learning experience!  


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