Final CAP Presentation Done. Now off to India!

Guest blogger: Jumaan Alzahrani

So, we are almost a week away from our departure to India! And yesterday we delivered our “Final CAP Presentation” to a panel of judges that included industry leaders, professors, and supply chain management experts. This presentation was the real deal after the two “dry-runs” to the client and our India CAP class last week; both of which are documented by Morgan’s previous blog posts.

In preparation for this significant milestone in our CAP journey, we modified our model to match the client’s expectations and to reflect the new data he provided (finally). In addition, we held a meeting with Professor Kanungo, who leads our CAP course, to seek his guidance and feedback about our proposed framework and the content of our presentation slides. The meeting gave us a lot of encouragement and a push toward simplicity and effectiveness in both our design and delivery mode.


CAP India Team #3 listens to Professor Kanungo’s feedback. (From left: Tom, Ebony, Jumaan, and Morgan)

Yesterday was game time and we knew we needed to show the five judges and Professor Kanungo that we were able to understand and present the client problem and then design a framework to address this problem. The good news is that the judges were not really “judges” –meaning they will not grade us—yet, they served as a steering committee to ensure that we are heading on the right track and there is a true business value to our proposed solution framework for the client. The better news is that they really liked our presentation and told us we did a great job!!!


Team #3 preparing for our final presentation.


Game Time! Tom presents our simulation model to the India CAP panel of judges.

We were SO happy once the presentation was over and for all the positive feedback we received from our “steering committee”. I feel not only proud of what we have accomplished over these past six, intensive weeks, but also confident in presenting our work to the client next week in India! Our next job is to modify the presentation, again, in light of the constructive comments we received, and then pack our bags! Oh yeah…and take final exams early next week…


Team #3 relieved after finishing our presentation to the judges. All smiles and ready for the reception! (From left: Tom, Jumaan, Morgan, and Ebony)





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