Shanghai counting down – 10 days left to cross the Pacific Ocean!

Or cross the North Pole – if you fly from Chicago. To go to Shanghai, travelers more often choose California (San Francisco or Los Angeles). This flying route will pass Alaska, Russia, and Northeast China. While you’re in flight, your pilot may wake you from a sweet dream and remind you to open the window shade to see Mount Mckinley…

Now for our CAP Shanghai Club Marriott team, we are only 10 days away from our destination – one of the most exciting cities in the Eastern Hemisphere. We can’t wait to get on the top of the Jin Mao Tower and have a drink at the Grand Hyatt lounge on the 88th floor (Chinese do love number eight, don’t they :-)), take a photo of the historical Shikumen (石库门), try some “Shengjian mantou” at the famous “Yang’s Fried Dumpling (小杨生煎)”, or just sit in the Yu Garden (豫园) for people watching. We are trying to learn some Mandarin but how about some Shanghai dialect? “Nong hou (侬好)” or “A La (阿拉)”? Maybe we’ll pick up some “bad words” too (shhhhhh….)

The amazing Shanghai awaits!

The amazing Shanghai awaits!

Now back to business. We got the pleasure to work with the Marriott Group in Shanghai to help our client with the promotion of Club Marriott – a food and beverage membership program. Having talked to our client and doing our research, we have narrowed down our research topics and are on our way to find possible solutions. We have an awesome team – Joe, Rob, Anders, Zain, Joanna and me, each coming from different professional background but all passionate about our consulting project and finding insightful solutions for our client. We really look forward to the coming site visits in Shanghai and meeting our clients there.

There seemed to be a fun conversation between Rob and Joanna!

There seemed to be a fun conversation between Rob and Joanna!

Our adventure is about to begin – see you Shanghai in 10 days!


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