Technology Is Not Always Your Best Friend… (China CAP)

To collect additional information and narrow the scope of work we scheduled a meeting with the client over Skype…this was rather frustrating. Scheduling the call due to the time difference was challenging and we ended up scheduling for 10:30PM EST…..Our client did not have a Skype account, but instead about 20 minutes before the call sent us the Meeting-Place phone number and meeting ID, which could be reached by Skype, but would require payment. We only had one school Skype account assigned to us that had funds linked to it and it was used by our team lead, Andy. Fortunately, Edgar and I were dialing in from the same location and my Skype account had funds; also, Kevin’s account had funds, so four of us could dial-in and have a productive discussion with the client. However, some of the teammates had to miss the call due to the technical difficulties. Needless to say that we agreed to be in the same room for any scheduled conference calls going forward. Also, I want to note that our team is so lucky to have a native Chinese speaker on the team as it facilitated discussion very well and allowed avoiding misunderstandings.


In a few words, we were assigned to research multi-brand management strategies and frameworks, as well as recommend the approach for decision making processes on corporate vs. local-brand levels. How in the world were we going to get that information? This was another question…that and more in my next post, stay tuned!



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