Meeting the Client for the First Time – The Snow Storm Can’t Stop Us! (China CAP)

It is hard to believe that in about a week we will be traveling to Shanghai where we will be adding final touches to our deliverable and presenting in front of the client. It is safe to say that our team is on the final stretch of creating the report with recommendations our client will love (we sure hope so!). However, it was not always like that….

The first meeting with the client was rather spontaneous. The Shanghai JinJiang Metropolo Hotel Management Company (“JinJiang”), spearheaded by their COO, Kevin Li, was traveling to Washington DC for business and to visit the GW. Our entire team was supposed to be meeting with JinJiang group that upcoming Friday….the Friday that was forecasted to snow and the school would be closed. Our professor, Dr. Yu, managed to reschedule the team to meet us a day earlier; but unfortunately, our entire team could not attend. This created a disconnect, which we had to work to resolve. Nonetheless, the initial task was received and we could start working on the project.

Souvenir Gift from Our Client

Souvenir Gift from Our Client

The initial step was to research, research, and research again. Nobody from our team had any previous experience in hospitality and hotel management (staying in the hotel doesn’t count really), so we were pretty lost in the beginning. Nonetheless, we were able to successfully leverage our previous experiences in consulting and other industries to create a productive and efficient team working setting. We soon realized that without further guidance our scope of work was not going to be feasible for the three week time-frame we had…we needed further guidance…


Post 1

JinJiang Hotel Corporate Brochure (The Starting Point of Our Research)



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