The Turkish Embassy Visit: Beginning to put it all together

The Entrance to the Turkish Embassy:


On April 15, 2014, the 2014 Turkey CAP students had the unique pleasure of visiting the Turkish Embassy, here in Washington D.C. Other than enjoying the beautiful facade that the facility offers, we were delighted to hear from one of the deputy ambassadors as he explained to us not only the ever-changing socio-political landscape in Turkey, but also some of the challenges Turkey faces as its EU candidacy pushes closer towards full-blown EU membership.

For those not as familiar with Turkey’s current socio-political positioning, suffice it to say that Turkey is an exciting place to be in 2014 forward! On top of the embassy visit, as part of the CAP practicum, we have been learning from industry experts many of the unique factors that are making Turkey not only a booming tourist destination, but also a cultural metropolis and economic powerhouse. Dr. Sylvia W Önder, of Georgetown University, spoke to us about a shifting demography and how it influences the appropriateness/style of dress as a form of communication for women in Turkey, while Dr. Kemal Kirişç of The Brookings Institution, shared with us his views on the evolution of Turkey’s domestic attitudes/approaches to foreign policy.

Since none of us are Turkish, nor have first-hand exposure to Turkish culture, these experiences serve as the foundation that we’ll use to understand some of the unique challenges faced by our client, Beymen, a high-end fashion retailer who is looking to grow its already thriving business in Turkey. All in all, these experiences have proved indispensable for us as we work with Beymen to understand Turkish culture and deliver a strategy that will allow it to grow into an even more well-rounded lifestyle-fashion powerhouse.

I believe I speak for the group as a whole when I say that all these experiences have left us eagerly awaiting what it will be like to experience Turkish culture up close and personal!

CAP Students in front of a bust of Kemal Ataturk (founder of the Republic of Turkey) inside the Embassy:Image


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