India CAP Team 4 Posting, fourth week

Hey guys! This is the fourth week of blogging for India CAP Team 4. This week we presented on our progress so far. Here is a picture of our presentation.


Definitely not photoshopped. From left to right, Andrew, Varun, and Misun. Not pictured: Max.

Our presentation provided background on our clients, both the supplier and the manufacturing company, our understanding of the problem (which we are still figuring out, a not-so-suprising challenge), our various literature sources which we have used to better understand the issue, our focus on solving the issue, and considered the business value proposition at hand. It is unusual to feel much to do but at the same time see the end of the semester. Still, we are planning on moving forward. That being said, we have quite a challenge ahead of us in-country as well and we look forward to talking about them here.

As I did last week, I’m going to reserve the last paragraph for a bit of an off-topic subject. This time, I’ll touch on cricket. No, not the animal! The sport! After religion and politics, and maybe even more so than these, cricket is India’s biggest passion. One of the many legacies of British colonial rule, cricket has overtaken hockey and football (soccer; both of these are also imperial legacies too) in popularity. It doesn’t hurt that the Indian national team is also pretty well ranked. Although India (and cricket in general) lacked serious domestic leagues for a long time, India now has the Indian Premiere League. Although this season will be partly played in the UAE to avoid conflict with the Indian elections, they will be back in India shortly before we get to India. In fact, the May 19th game of the local Delhi team against Punjab could make for a nice observation into India’s cricket culture. If you are still reading this and going to the game becomes feasible, you can buy your tickets here. Tickets range between 1300 and 1800 rupees, or about US$20 and $30 for a ticket in the nosebleeds.


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