Sit down, Relax, and Learn – Rwanda



Rwanda is one of the most quickly growing and developing countries in Africa, as well as one of the most well managed and densely populated. It has a rich history and bright future.


A Country with a 20/20 Future

In 2000 President Kagame unveiled a development program called Vision 2020. Its primary goal was to transform Rwanda into a knowledge-based, middle-income country that would unite the nation, instill democracy, and reduce poverty.


There were multiple goals this program hoped to achieve including good governance, an efficient state, increasing skilled labor through education and health, improve the private sector, build infrastructure, and maintain gender equality by the year 2020.


Rwanda is on track to meeting most of these goals:

“Our thinking is based on people. In national budgets, we focus on education, health, we look at technology, skills, innovation, creativity. We are always thinking about people, people, people.” President Kagame 2013

If you would like to learn more about Vision 2020 follow the link here


More than the genocide

The genocide in the mid-1990s was shocking, brutal, and devastating. However, Rwanda has risen from the ashes to create a fast growing country which has eliminated the racially charged “tutsi”” and “hutu” group names. Now, everyone is simply “Rwandan”.


If you wish to learn more about the genocide please link here.


President Kagame


Some view him as the savior of Rwanda and some as a dictator. Regardless of one’s viewpoint President Paul Kagame has been incredibly effective. Rwanda has no government corruption, equal men and women in political positions, prioritized national development, expanded the education and health system, and launched Vision 2020. He has also banned free media, participated in aiding rebels in the DRCongo, and many dissidents have been jailed or exiled.

Whether you agree or disagree with some of his actions President Kagame is a true leader and symbol for the Rwandan revival.


If you wish to learn more about President Kagame please see here


Tea, Coffee, Toursim – Rwanda’s goods


Tea is especially my favorite although you have Rwanda to thank for that rich dark coffee. And don’t forget to see the amazing gorillas if you ever stay in Rwanda!


I hope this very brief background of Rwanda helps you form a bigger picture of the country we will be consulting in. And hopefully, it makes you want to visit!


We are so excited to experience Rwanda in person!



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