Rwanda CAP – Progress with Uncertainty

One of the main reasons why I enrolled at GW was because of the opportunity of consulting in a foreign country and to embrace a different culture. After almost a year in the program, the time has come, and the MBA Office has finally assigned us a project for our Consulting Abroad Program. We are Global MBA’s, and we will be travelling to Rwanda in just 2 weeks. We will be consulting for Norelga, a company that produces macadamia nuts. Our project consists of creating a strategic plan in order to expand into new export markets and into new nut products.

My team is formed by:

Stacey Kraus is an energetic New Yorker and loves to eat challah. John Bohman is a tall man with tall ambitions; he’ll be our tour guide in Africa. Lizheng Zhou is not your average Chinese man, he’s incredibly funny and talented. Jiayi Lu is the one that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for us, smart lady. Michel Richaud, that’s me, I’m from Mexico and I hope to be able to portray our experience as best as possible in this blog.

photo (5)

We received our team assignment about a month and a half ago. We are very excited about working for this company, but I am not going to lie, it has been a real challenge to get our project going. We’ve seen teams from other CAP programs having regular meetings with their clients, but that has not been our case. We are struggling to get information out of them! To be honest, I expected this, and that is why I signed up for this CAP. We’ll have to continue doing our own research and live a completely different business experience.

Even though we have not had fluent communication with our client, we have made some progress. Our team is working hard, crunching some numbers, digging into different databases, and exchanging quality ideas. I’ll keep you posted on our progress that so far has been a bit uncertain.

Until next time…


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