India CAP Team 4 Posting, third week

Hi guys, Varun’s back with another post for Team 4 India.


Professors Giridharadas and Kangungo set up the presentation

This week we had the privilege of having a lecture from renown consulting professor Dr. Shyam Giridharadas. Bringing decades of real-life consulting experience, he was able to provide us with an hour or so of solid operations and consulting frameworks to approach our issue. While (at least for me), a lot of the material was difficult to grasp in real time, I suspect I will be looking back at notes from his lecture and finding real, applicable information to our problem as we proceed.

Regarding our problem, this week posed a unique challenge to us. During our call, we had some… well let’s just say “pushback” from the customer. While many would feel their enthusiasm diminished by such an event, it is my hope that my team (including myself) takes this as just another risk of doing consulting work and just another challenge to be overcome. We are back at the drawing board, at least temporarily, but it is giving us an opportunity to really analyze our issue so that we can come back to the customer at our weekly call this week with some significant progress made and a better understanding of how to go forward. We are slightly helped by a presentation we are working on, a top-down approach to our problem. In creating this document, we are given the advantage of stepping back and taking a look at all the pieces of the puzzle from the background of our client, to their assembly process, to the process of how we go about addressing their issue. The reality is that geographic, temporal, cultural, and informational challenges exist in any consulting experience, but how we go about overcoming them is really what defines our success.

On an off-topic matter (of sorts), our trip falls right as India’s national election is occurring. India’s government is a parliamentary system with a large myriad of political parties, alliances, and scandals that could even overwhelm Frank Underwood. To see them do their dance with the 800 million or so voters will be overwhelming but also very interesting. More on the election in the coming weeks.


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