Rwanda CAP- Norelga Macadamia Investment Team


Are you interested in learning more about doing business in emerging markets?

Are you an adventurer who wants to have a unique experience?

Are you still reading this post?

If all your answers are “YES”, then you might want to consider the most exciting Consulting Abroad Project (CAP) destination- Rwanda.

My name is Amis Chen, and I will be updating this blog with support from my team: Elisa Manheim, Ginny Mueller, Hannah Song and Ozkan Isil.

Investing in Africa is a hot topic nowadays. Prominent companies like American Express and The Carlyle Group are establishing businesses there; therefore, the experience and knowledge you gain from this CAP will be very beneficial to you in your future career.

The project we are working on right now is developing an equipment investment plan for a company called Norelga Macadamia. Norelga is a young company, established in 2010.  They produce Macadamia nuts primarily for their main customer, RwandAir. They are hoping to expand their production and engage with more clients; to accomplish this, they will need to invest in more nut cracking and drying machinery.  We will not only provide them with information on what types of machinery is available, but also on different financing options. Additionally, we will evaluate corresponding returns and analyze the impact of a new machine on the value chain.

Throughout our process, we will continue to update this blog to provide an overview of our experience working on the Rwanda CAP. Stay tuned for more updates from us!



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