Group 2, India CAP: Week 2 (April 14th)


Today marks the second week of our (Group 2’s) interactions with our client-Subros, an A/C manufacturer in the automotive industry in India. We had a list of over 25 questions that we wanted to ask our client to help us better understand our scope of work and what the client can expect from us. All of our meetings are done over Skype which can sometimes be difficult, but we are overcoming this barrier and it is making us more excited for when we will eventually go to India and meet our client face-to-face. It is interesting how much of our time is spent just trying to understand how our client operates and what their needs are, but all of our questions and research will hopefully lead to an impactful solution that improves the business efficiency of our client.

Building on the theme of delivering solutions with impact, our class this week had a guest lecturer, Professor Shyam Giridharadas. Prof Shyam came to help us better understand consulting and supply chain management. Prof Shyam is the Director of the Executive Education program at the GW School of Business and he has over 25 years of experience in management consulting. He served as a principal consultant at McKinsey & Company as well as founded his own consulting firm, Prism Consulting International. The lecture really helped us to frame our mindset when attacking our client’s problem. When developing solutions for our client, Prof Shyam encouraged us to constantly be asking, “So What?” What does our solution imply for our client and how will it add value to their business model? These are all things we plan to keep in mind and our group mindset has really moved from just going through the steps of our assignments- to – trying to create something that will really deliver value to our client.

Prof Shyam leading class discussion on leadership.

Prof Shyam leading class discussion on leadership.


Post written by Patrick Legendre


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