Welcome to CAP Rwanda!


Professor Click, our CAP coordinator, was kind enough to do a fun introduction to the CAP Rwanda program and our project.

See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py7T5G55MUE&feature=youtu.be

ImageJohn (in the blue), Steve, and I

Our team comprises of Brooks, John, Camilla, Steve and I (Teal). We are excited to work on a financial project with Ikirezi, an organic, essential oils producer in Rwanda. From crop to oil Ikirezi captures the entire value chain to produce 100% organic essential geranium and patchouli oils.


Camilla and John

Dr. Hitimana, the owner of Ikirezi, is a social entrepreneur. With Ikirezi he employs over 500 small farmers, mostly widows and orphans, to provide a steady income as well as HIV education. Although we have spoken via Skype, we are excited to meet him in person when we arrive in Rwanda. Learn more about them here: www.ikirezi.com


Dr. Hitimana & Ikirezi

The CAP projects are substantial and require at least twice a week meetings, appropriate delegation of work, and several client meetings via Skype. It is hard work but incredibly educational and a great way to use the financial and business knowledge we have gained in our first year of the GW MBA program.

Stay tuned!




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