India CAP Team 4 Posting, second week


Bottles of beer represented by piles of pennies.


This is not Saleh.


Getting ready to distribute. Andrew looks a little strange here.


Looking down the supply chain

Hi, my name is Misun Yoo, the second writer for Team 4 of India CAP, and this blog will cover the second week, from April 6 to 12.

In class, we are first informed on some travel tips by Global & Experiential Education. We have learned what to prepare before travel, how to address emergencies in India, and other beneficial things that will help keep our health and safety during CAP.

After that, we did “beer game”, which is a kind of inventory management, role-playing game; our team acted as a distributor. Through the game, we found that inventory management is a more complex process than we thought, and we need to consider the whole supply chain, including supplier and retailer, when making decisions.

In addition to what we learned in class, we continued communicating with our client, Mindarika. We have received answers responding to questions that we sent last week, through which we got some quantitative and specific information about Midarika’s inventory and production system. Then we called via Skype on Friday as usual and sent to them some additional questions as well. Even if we still have some difficulties due to limitations from time, geography, and technology, we are trying to get as much information as possible and to figure out the best solutions for clients.

The preceding post was written by my teammate Misun Yoo but is being posted by me as only I have access to post for my team (Varun Rajendran).


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