India CAP Team 4 Posting, first week

Image Hi, everyone. My name is Varun. I am the team leader first writer for Team 4 of the India CAP, who is working with a large Indian automobile manufacturer and their supplier of front panels to address issues with inventory management. My teammates include (from left to right, in the image above) Andrew HarrisonMax Sandler, and Misun Yoo, working under the leadership of GWSB Decision Sciences professor Shivraj Kanungo.

This blog entry covers the first week of work we are blogging, from March 30 to April 5th, 2014. This week was largely a learning process. Learning about kanban cards, learning about our client, and how my team members could work together to address their issue. Despite my team having as diverse experiences as teaching English, working in marketing, doing technology support, and agriculture, we have little experience with operations, the automobile industry, or really even the country of India itself! Add to this mix communications, logistics, and cultural challenges and you have quite a formidable task ahead! However, although these challenge could overwhelm others, I feel strongly that with a focused approach, ambition, and help from the right people (including our classmates, professors, and client, as well as the large amount of informational resources available online and elsewhere), we can tackle this issue.

For the moment, I do not have much else to post about. If you stay tuned here, you will get a good idea of the fun (and indeed not-so-fun) stuff we will do to enrich our education as we come to a solution for our client’s issue. We will be posting every week and you can expect another post for this week soon. Check for posts from our team specifically by using the tag “Team 4 India”. For now, this is Varun signing off!


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