Trying to enjoy Stockholm under the rain

May 26 is the rainy Stockholm Sunday when we as the team Firefly were able to meet for the first time our contact person at Firefly AB, Ms. Nicole Forsberg. We met with her at our hotel, which is conveniently located at downtown Stockholm, Profil Central Hotel. (


As the weather was not good enough for sightseeing, she took us to the Vasa Museum. This museum is the residence of the giant warship called VASA, which was built in 1628. However, it was not able to sail and sank in the middle of Stockholm harbor after sailing only 1,300 meters. The ship was not raised until 1956. This year, Anders Franzén and Per Edvin Fälting relocated Vasa. Finally, she was lifted in 1961. For more information about the ship, you can follow this link. (

IMG_2034 IMG_2037 IMG_2040 IMG_2038


After our meeting with VASA, we were able to chat with our client and also take an initial feedback about our report and the work we have accomplished so far.  Moreover, we were also able to taste the delicious shrimp toast as well as the relatively strong and tasty Swedish coffee.


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