Team WFS arrived in Stockholm on Saturday and we’ve been drinking in the culture ever since. The video details one of the highlights of the city thus far, the ICEBAR:

GREAT Video with Chinese!

We may have seen a little too much of the city, as we have spent the last 24 hours scrambling to finish our assignments. However, eating moose, boar, and reindeer heart at the Viking Tavern made it worthwhile. I’ve never been a big fan of hyperlinks, but that was pretty fun.

Yesterday, we visited Skanska and Parliament. The architecture inside Parliament was very unique and it was fun to learn a little about the political system. It was refreshing to get a tour from an actual member of Parliament, rather than being escorted by a random intern. This greatly enhanced the quality of information as we saw the building and process through the eyes of a politician.

There is no pearl of wisdom nor final thought that could conclude our adventure better than the immortal words of Jing Wang. “Chinese!”


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