Team Hexicon- Client Dinner and Final Presentation

Team Hexicon was invited to a dinner on May 27th at Marcus Thor’s ( Project Manager at Hexicon AB) residence in Stockholm. Mats Arnamo ( Director of Sales and Marketing), Filipe Rebello de Andrande (Project manager for Engineering), and Anders Ofverstrom (Project manager for Engineering) joined us for the dinner. Hexicon AB has a young and energetic team, a mix of  technical and business development experts who are passionate about the offshore wind energy market.

We started the dinner with a delicious Swedish barbeque. It gave us an opportunity to learn more about the Swedish culture, popular cuisines, and general mindset focused towards sustainability. Discussions ranged from ice skating and popular biking culture to new renewable energy projects in Sweden


Hexicon project managers Filipe and Anders preparing dinner.


We chatted about our Team’s Swedish experience in Gotenberg, Vastros, and Stockholm. All of us shared the best experiences we encountered in Sweden over the last week and a half. We were really excited to learn about the sustainability focus in Swedish society from recycling to higher renewable energy generation mix .


Our dinner: Barbeques , Swedish apple sauce , fried cheese, corn, and grilled asparagus.


 We all thanked Hexicon AB for the consulting project experience over the last 8 weeks. Team Hexicon discussed the hypothesis creation, thought process, in depth market research and entry strategy formulation during the dinner. In turn our Hexicon partners were also very grateful for the work we contributed for the success of their company.


GW Team Hexicon ( Robert Keiser, Kaitlin Hooper, Rachel Isaman, Greg Brace, and Deepak Jose, who was taking the picture) along with the Hexicon AB clientele (Marcus Thor, Mats Arnamo, Filipe Rebello de Andrande,  and Anders Ofverstrom).


 The final presentation was given to Hexicon AB on May 28th at the WFS office in Stockholm. Mr. Marcus Thor  and Mr. Mats Arnamo attended the presentation from Hexicon AB. We advised the client to enter the U.S. Offshore wind energy market preferably through Licensing. Additionally team provided detailed U.S market potential and discussed estimated production capacity, grants for technology deployment as well as competitive landscape. Licensing advantages, disadvantages,  and risk mitigation strategies were also discussed in detail. We also identified primary and secondary target markets for the Hexicon and formulated the  implementation plan for the licensing strategy. Team Hexicon also detailed an additional entry plan through a joint venture option but expressed that licensing was the best viable option for Hexicon to pursue. Hexicon AB really appreciated the team effort we put forth, especially with regards to the final report and the outlining presentation.


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