Sweden – WFS Blog 2: THE VIKINGS!

During Team WFS’ epic journey through Vasteras, we learned about ancient, Viking runestones and then had the opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of said Vikings. Click on any of the images to check the VIDEO about this experience:

blog2 img2 blog2 img1

The guy with the eye-patch played a mean violin and Justin and Josh developed serious man-crushes on the head Viking. It was a little unhealthy.

In the runestone portion of the day, we learned about “the thing”, which was a place of peaceful assembly for the Vikings and other early cultures. It was unique to see a series of stones arranged in the shape of a primitive boat (as was the case with our thing), especially knowing that all who visited respected the sanctity of those stones. The highlight of the trip thus far was learning about Vikings… well, maybe not for Alan.

Regardless, it’s a Vikings’ life for me.


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