How the Swedish Journey Began?

CAP! What some of us considered a part of the curriculum, others thought of it as an excuse to travel abroad. By the end of our first semester little was spoken about the program. Then, along came the second semester and all that people spoke about was CAP. Excitement mounted each time we discussed it, all the more because we were yet to experience what actually the program was about. We were to rank five countries among India, Peru, Rwanda, Sweden and Turkey.

At first, preferring one among those five countries felt difficult. Each posed unique opportunities and benefits. Being a prime member of the largely privatized and liberalized Nordic energy market, Sweden emerged as one of the most attractive CAP location to many of us. International Marketing in the Clean-Tech sector gave us a compelling reason to prefer this Scandinavian country, given its profound emphasis on sustainability. Twenty three students from the GMBA class were chosen for CAP-Sweden. Professor Anna Helm, a Swede herself, took up the onus of facilitating and guiding us through the practicum. She was instrumental in setting up a firm foundation to understand and know Sweden better. We discussed Swedish culture, industries, interests, crime rates, innovations, cuisine and habits too. Individually, we researched distinctive factors that we found interesting about Sweden and its achievements, be it economical or cultural.

Subsequently, we were asked to rank five pro-bono Swedish consulting projects.  Firefly AB, although not in the clean-teach bandwagon, is a firm that addresses an important safety and protection measure. Firefly AB manufactures and distributes spark and fire detection systems for industry.  It appealed to us in terms of its product offering and its need for expanding in the U.S. market. So, the four of us were chosen to become the firm’s consultants!


Consulting was a new concept to most of us. Professor Helm made our tasks easier by inviting Paul Friga, a consulting expert, to conduct a workshop and to facilitate his consulting creation – TEAM FOCUS- to the entire GMBA class. His consulting methodology had a profound impact on our manner of presenting recommendations to our client. We also had the privilege to interact with industry experts through a panel that the professor had called in to advise us on our project work and to help us make our perspectives more worthwhile. Their feedback definitely boosted our knowledge and provided great insights. However, their questions were most instrumental in challenging our thought process and helped us steer our recommendations to the client in the appropriate direction.

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