We Came, We Ate, We Killed It

I’m back in DC now, reflecting on our CAP experience, happy that it went better than once could imagine.  Not only was the time spent with hilarious and brilliant friends, but the setting was fantastic.  Hospitable people, decadent food, and a vibrant city leave little to be desired.

If you plan on playing hard, you better plan on working hard, and did we ever.  I will never forget our second meeting with the client.  As our team offered some of our ideas as strategic initiatives for the client, the managers sitting in the meeting were vigorously taking notes on our suggestions.  Equal to the gratification of impressing the client is the massive steak I devoured that night.  Work hard, play eat hard.

I’m not sure how this trip developed a motto, but it did and this thing took on a life of its own.  All of our experience were now being measure up along the killing-it continuum.  I’m not short of any examples of killing it, but I’ll use two specific examples that truly put the cherry on top of that continuum.  If you require more, please refer to either of the other two Peru 2013 bloggers, Johnny K. and Johnny Sams.

Our trip ended Wednesday afternoon, so Tuesday promised to be full of culminating events.  For starters, our team’s final presentation happened in a large conference room with 10 senior managers of the company, including the CFO.  After a 25 minute presentation, in which Melinda and I eviscerated their current company structure, marketing and strategic plan, we sat down and our audience began an hour long interrogation of our suggestions.  Question after question was knocked out of the park and the client was damn impressed.  It was absolutely awesome.

Needless to say, the day was followed by an equally rewarding dinner at Peru’s best restaurant, Astrid y Gaston. Five courses of gourmet indulgences, countless glasses of wine and pisco, and memorable laughs with great friends, we walk back to the hotel around midnight.  That’s when I ask Professor Curley to sum it all up (hat’s off to Johnny K for being his Ed McMahon) and he announced: “We’re in Peru, we’ve been here for 10 days, and we’ve been killing it.”




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