Turkey CAP- That’s a Wrap!

Today was our final day of CAP, and the culmination of a semester’s worth of hard work: PRESENTATION DAY!

Yesterday evening and early this morning, groups met to finalize their presentations, and those who were presenting from each team brushed up on their speeches.  Finally, at 9 am we were off: game time.  First, however, we stopped at Toysyali Holding, a family owned iron and steel holding company that is ranked 25th in the Turkish economy.  Unfortunately, our presenter had just broken his arm and was unable to meet with us, but his staff was still able to give us a general overview of the company, highlighting the differences between the corporate culture of it as a family run business vs. a large corporation. The meeting concluded with an extravagant meal, and we were on our way!

Our final presentations to the Sutas executive team took place at a very luxurious hotel in one of their corporate meeting rooms.  The room was adorned with Sutas banners and posters, and they had even brought in three decorated life size cow statues.  Our presentation was delivered to 8 Sutas executives, including the CEO, CMO and COO.  First, the market entry team presented their recommendations, then the finance team delivered their financial analysis, and the marketing team wrapped up the presentation with their product mix and marketing suggestions.  The presentations were well received, and the execs seemed pleased with our analysis, and were happy with the research that we provided for them regarding entry into a new market.  As a thank you gift, we each received a hand painted miniature cow!



Our final day capped off with a farewell dinner at Mekan Restaurant, where we feasted a parade of  mezzes (Turkish appetizers) and toasted to our success.  We all went out as a group after dinner for one final drink together, and then parted ways, as many of us are continuing to travel to other countries, while others are rushing back home to DC to start their summer internships.

Class consensus: the Turkey CAP was an INCREDIBLE experience, and we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Professor Abdullah Akyuz and our TA Mustafa Onerci.  Together they herded our rowdy group around one of the most amazing cities in the world, meticulously taking care to provide us with as many enriching opportunities as possible.  We lacked for nothing, and will all look back fondly on this trip for years to come.

Turkey CAP signing off…




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