Gothenburg’s Highest Wind Turbine (by Team Cellfab)

Sustainable energy is permeated in every aspect of Swedish society. On May 22, we visited Göteborg Energi AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. Helena and Christer gave us a very informative presentation of their work and a tour at the company.

Afterwards we were taken to the Gothenburg harbor, where General Electric (GE)’s new and highest offshore wind turbine, nicknamed “Big Glenn” is located. The offshore wind turbine produces renewable electricity for more than 3,000 Swedish homes per year.

The project is a result of teamwork among GE, Chalmers University of Technology, and the Department of Renewable Electricity at Göteborg Energi. With fewer moving parts, the focus is on keeping the turbine operating reliably at sea. The direct-drive technology eliminates costly gearbox parts and lowers operating expenses.

For most of the people in our group, it was the first time actually seeing a wind turbine. The experience was impressive. The turbines are taller and bigger than everyone expected and saw from far away. Christer also offered to give us an inside tour of the Big Glenn, so that we could see how it operates. Short videos of the scene and Christer’s on-site introduction are attached to this post.




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