Sweden – WFSS is now WFS

First findings for team WFSS about the name of the company and the shrimp industry in Göteborg

During Monday’s meeting with our client, we were given vast quantities of new information that will alter our report. As we pondered the consequences of our newfound knowledge, we took to the streets of Gothenburg to sift through our findings and determine how to best advise our client. This video details our exploits, CLICK IMAGE:


We would like to apologize for the instances of unsteady camera work; that was the result of a team member accidentally tripping the cameraman twice.

Our team has gained a plethora of cultural knowledge since we arrived in Gothenburg, ranging from frequent Fika breaks during site visits to learning how to traverse the city in the middle of the night after taking a wrong turn. We have witnessed giant windmills and tiny shrimp. We have climbed to the city’s highest point and visited the basement of a wooden castle. We have seen what Gothenburg has to offer and proclaimed that it is good.


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