Enlightening and Exciting Sweden Cap Experience

                         Expert Panel Discussions

On April 10th, we had our first panel discussion with experts from Department of Energy (DOE). The panel enlightened us with their extensive knowledge in clean energy technology and practice but more importantly, they shared with us broader ways of thinking.


Elevator Speech

After brief speeches from four guest experts Douglas Faulkner, Bradley Olson, Jacques Beau dryH Losique, and Paul Hammer, each team representative began elevator speech to give quick project overviews.  This part was both exciting and demanding because of limited presenting time and rich content, but teams all did extraordinary job in being succinct, informative and to the point. The speeches not only structurally informed the panel of all the projects; they also led to a series interesting discussions in the following rotation part.



The rotation was greatly interactive and dynamic where each team was given opportunities to discuss their project problems with individual expert. Right before this week, we had the first client meeting to confirm scope of work. The company we are working with is Diswic, who offers nonchemical water treatment system and seek for US market entry plan. We prepared several questions for the experts after preliminary researches.

In our discussion with Paul Hammer, who is banker and senior consultant for DOE, we illustrated our communicating and scope problems. Mr. Hammer suggested us to ask for one-page executive summary from Diswic or to create one for them. He told us this is a vital step in getting the gist and cracking the project. Later he sent us a sample executive summary which provided great insight in how to narrow down and clarify the scope of work. As we rotated to discussion with Mr. Bradley Olson, an intellectual property lawyer, his patent-specific discussion instilled us with new thinking from legal perspective. Mr. Olson suggested us to check the full patent coverage of both Diswic’s two separate systems and the whole package in order to guarantee its fluent operation in the US.

On April 24th, the second panel discussion was unveiled. This time we had Josh Zive, Jan Ahlen, Lydia La Ferla, Alison Harris and Swaroop Parekh with us, among whom Ms. Lydia La Ferla  brought us “out of the box” thinking in searching for partners. Considering the product’s energy efficiency and low energy consumption characteristics, she recommended us to look into ESCO(Energy Service Company) model to better exploit Diswic’s advantage.


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