CAP Sweden Team Cellfab

Sweden & it's sustainability


Thanks to CAP, it is my first time in Europe and it’s kind of exciting to see a different part of the world. I travelled with my colleague Yi and we flied from Washington DC to Copenhagen and transferred to Stockholm and then took a three-hour train to the Gothenburg which I would never recommend it to the next year.  And for those that have never been to Europe before, what I will recommend is that take a train from Copenhagen directly to Gothenburg if it is still the first stop for next year. And my takeaway is that Europe is not that big, therefore it is fine to find out your transportation when you are here! Sometimes, it is just better to do a last minute decision and you will get a good surprise!

On the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg, I got the chance to really look at the Sweden and it shocked me by how green and quiet it is. For people like me who spend the whole life in big cities with crowded buildings and people, it is very special experience. The Chalmers University of Technology was our first site visit and I believed my other colleagues had already shared many good thoughts about the presentation. What I wanted to share was that I did appreciate Swedish people’s mindset in terms of the sustainability and clean tech and how detailed they are! In the university building, each floor had several three-level garbage cans which were as clean as cupboard. Different types of garbage went to specific drawers and the sweetest thinking was that they also prepared a definition sheet of different types of garbage on the top of the cupboard! I think it is a great idea for countries that are beginner in garbage sorting because people will develop desired behaviors only after they get familiar to those concepts and instructed correctly!


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