First Day of Team Firefly in Gothenburg

Today is May 19th and our CAP Sweden officially started. Martin and Kerem were the early birds of Team Firefly who checked into the Scandic Hotel Europa. Our hotel is pretty close to the city center and thanks to the internet we were able to locate it easily. ( Here are some of the pictures that we took in order to give you the taste of our environment for the next 4 days.

IMG_1960 IMG_1963IMG_1957

The remaining members of our team, Chaitanya and Sangeeth joined later in the day. As our CAP program started later than it was supposed to, all of us used that grace period for travelling different parts of the world. Thus, this was expected.

The first thing we experienced in Sweden is that it is pretty easy to follow the signs because; each and every sign also has an English translation. In addition to that, so far we figured out that most of the Swedish people understand and speak English. They are also trying their best in order to help you. Therefore, we concluded that we would not get lost in Sweden!

As soon as we get rid of our lead to fatigue, we came together later that day with our peers for the welcome dinner. That dinner gave most of us the opportunity to taste the delicious Swedish cuisine and also drinks, which we enjoyed very much. Professor Helm and her teaching assistant Christina Johannsen gave us brief information about what we were expected and would be doing during the program and also shared the schedule with us.

After the dinner, a bunch of us wanted to head out in order to taste the local Swedish beers and also watch the World Hockey Championship game between Sweden and Switzerland at a local bar. Here are some of the local beers that we have tasted so far. We are planning to taste more in the following days and share with you which one is the best.

IMG_1943 IMG_1942 IMG_1941


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