Another Day for Team Firefly in Sweden

Today is May 20th and we are heading towards our first site visit in Gothenburg. We took the local bus to reach to our destination. The Chalmers Entrepreneurship School!

When we arrived our destination the first thing we noticed is the waste management system at the school. You should pick the appropriate basket in order to throw your waste. The waste is categorized and divided into different subsections such as combustible, plastic, metal, paper, noncombustible, clear glass and colored glass as shown in the picture below.  Thus, you cannot easily throw your waste to the basket; you should pick the appropriate one!

Waste Management

We met with David Anderson who is one of the graduates of this school. He gave us preliminary information about the school and the program. The school was founded in 1997, which is an entrepreneurial university taking responsibility for sustainable growth through innovation and entrepreneurship. Within this context, Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is trying to enhance the quantity and quality of research and innovations. Thus, the university is trying to spread the responsibility of commercialization by assisting the students who want to establish their own venture.

Mr. Anderson also talked about the current agricultural project he is dealing with. The university established the company named ECOERA, whose aim is to enable agriculture and carbon capture through sustainable biochar systems. We were also able to observe how they are working in their cubicles.


For the rest of the day, we felt alienated, as we were not able to meet with our client. They could not make it to Gothenburg. We were the only group who did not have the opportunity to work with them today so, we continued to work on our paper and presentation. Here, you can see Martin and Chaitanya still working on our paper and presentation…



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