Red Light, Green Light – Arrival at Jorge Chavez Int’l

Mod 4 Finals just ended along with our first year.  Class of 2014 is collectively exhausted and CAP is a few days away.  There’s still more work to do, but we need to recharge our batteries before our engagements.  Some people climb mountains and explore ancient ruins, others disconnect from the grid and enjoy a few quiet days with loved ones.  Whatever your vice, you better be ready for Lima, for life outside your comfort zone, and for the moment all your hard work gets put to the test.

After braving single-tracking (thanks WMATA), 10 hours in the air, there’s one final hurdle: Customs.  Stand in line, show them your declaration slip, and pray for a green light.  A traffic light in the airport?  Yeah, something like that, and I got a red light which meant my luggage was pilfered by a customs agent next to a guy smuggling a mountain of stuffed animals, as I struggled to say something along the lines of “Yes, I do need this much underwear” in Spanish.

Luckily, underwear is legal in Peru and I wasn’t imprisoned.  Avoiding a life sentence in a developing nation’s jail is always cause for celebration.  See Pisco Sours below for reference.



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