Lima Chronicles: CAP Peru is “Killing it Bro!”

1. Hotel Casa Andina Private Collection – GW hooked it up!
2. CAP Happy Hour – “We have time for one more…”
3. Orientation lunch buffet – “I don’t even eat red meat, but I’m doing it today!”
4. Walking tour to Francisco Monastery – “Should we be breathing in this bone dust?!”
5. Ceviche by the beach – “More vino.”
6. Chairs at the Central Bank – “I need to invest in a good chair.”
7. Universal McCann client visit – “Nailed it.”
8. Inca Cola – “Since 1935…”
9. Spanish lessons – “Cerveza por favor!”
10. Professor Curley – “He’s killing it bro!”

Spending the last few days here in Lima with the CAP Peru team has been amazing! It’s been the perfect combination of working hard and playing hard. It’s been great to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones. The strength of the CAP Peru team is its ability to support and motivate one another. Despite the hurdles of changing client demands and missing a key team member (PM, we miss you bro), the team has been able to overcome these obstacles and be successful. Thanks to Professor Curley and Katherine for fostering an environment for learning and unity. Can’t wait for what’s ahead! CAP Peru is “killing it bro!!!”
Lima Pic2
~ John Samuel


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