Day 5: Sutas factory visit!


So, we all had wake up calls at 6:30 AM for our trip to the Sutas factory today. After celebrating Meradith’s birthday last night, you can imagine we were all a little tired at 6:30 AM, not to mention the fact that we had 2 hours in a ferry and then 2 more hours in a bus, before we reached the factory…

But it was definitely worth the trip!!! The factory was awesome. We saw all the production and operation facilities for the yogurt, cheese, and milk. We got to see cow milking, cheese packaging, milk fermentation. When we first got there, we had yet another amazing 5 course lunch, and then toured the grounds and facilities. Afterwards, we did a cheese tasting for many of the different types of cheeses Sutas has, and then we went into manufacturing plants. We had to wear all these funny little outfits to make sure we were completely sanitized before entering the facilities (see the pictures below!). It was great to have a second interaction with the client since we had met them on Tuesday, and will be doing our final presentation for them next Wednesday. Sutas has been so hospitable, warm, and welcoming since we’ve arrived, and we feel lucky that we got such a great and interesting client!

I’m writing this blog while we’re on the ferry, and I think one of the coolest parts of the day is thinking about how we took the ferry from Europe to Asia on the way to the factory, and now we’re on our way home, headed back to Europe from Asia. I think I’ll miss bouncing between two continents daily when we leave!

Anyway- all for now! Til next time!


PS: Here are a few pictures from today!

Professor Akyuz in action!

Professor Akyuz in action!

Cutest little baby cow!

Cutest little baby cow!

Dairy farmers at work

Dairy farmers at work

Getting ready to watch dairy production processes!

Getting ready to watch dairy production processes!


Hanging out on the ferry boat!


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