Postcard from Mumbai and New Delhi





We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at Mahindra’s office and met with key people from the demand chain management. Next Monday all the teams will present the final recommendations for each project to the CEO and senior management of the automotive division. The past two days has been more of a round the clock work mode for all the teams; coming to office by 9 AM in the morning and getting back to the hotel by 8 PM, grabbing a quick bite and continue working on the deliverable. We felt that talking to the client in person makes such a huge difference in our understanding of the project. We uncovered so many data points as part of our conversations and meetings with the various departments. This also means many of our analysis and recommendations need to be revised and we have to update and modify our papers and presentations. Client’s senior management seems thoroughly involved in our projects and have taken out valuable time from their daily schedules to answer all our questions, organized demos to give us a clear picture of the supply chain process flow at each step. Through this project experience, we are able to see the supply chain process from an end to end perspective and can connect all the dots between sales, marketing and operations.

Tuesday was an extremely long day at client site with several rounds of individual group discussions. Even though everyone was too tired, the atmosphere in our conference room was
quite humorous. Everyone asked tons of questions and it got to the point where one of our professors mentioned that if anyone asks another question, that student will be left at the client
office and not get to go back to the hotel !!!

On Monday evening, all the girls decided to go to one of the authentic snack food place called “Elco Market”. This place was recommended to us by one of the locals. We ordered every possible variety of “chaat” , pav bhaji and chole bhature. Everyone enjoyed the savory food. Here’s a picture of how fluffy the bhature looks.

DSC03425 DSC03426

Tuesday morning began as a picture taking day with the big tractor in front of the office.

DSC03445 DSC03443


DSC03428 DSC03447


Whenever we are travelling, everyone is on the lookout for Mahindra vehicles, specially for.the models that are part of our project. It’s a big “aha” moment when we can spot more than two vehicles around the same time.

Today morning we wrapped up our discussions at the client office in Mumbai and left for New Delhi in the afternoon. Here’s how students described their first impressions of Delhi – “cleaner than
expected”, “hot and smoggy”, “lots of traffic circles”, “organized high class version of Mumbai”, “less crowded than expected”. When we landed in Delhi, the temperature was 104 degree
Fahrenheit (40 degree Celsius . However there’s no humidity during this time of the year in Delhi, so the dry heat does not feel as bad compared to the humid heat in Mumbai.



Tomorrow we are going to meet one of Mahindra’s suppliers “Mahle Filter Systems”. Another company that we are going to meet is “Bharti-Walmart” a joint venture company. We have
several deliverable due in the next few days and it translates to longer working hours for each of the teams. Everyone is tired and surviving with an average of four to five hours of sleep
each night, however each of us is excited to take the challenge for another day and make the best out of our stay in India and soak in all the diverse experiences.



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