Introducing DISWIC

A Swedish company has approached us to assist them in designing a market entry strategy to enter into the United States market. The company name and product is called DISWIC. DISWIC stands for DISinfection Without adding Chemicals. The product eliminates bacteria from water and other liquids that can cause diseases such as Pontiac fever and Legionnaire’s disease. DISWIC can be used in 4 different sectors: bath water, sewer water, drinking water, and industrial water. DISWIC’s capacity is of 8gpm. The product contains two different pieces, the ionization system, which uses different ions depending on which segment it is used for, and the filtration system. These two parts have been patented as a whole, and the filter has been patented on its own. DISWIC has patents in both the European Union and the United States.


After finding out initial information regarding our project we had a certain scope of work in mind. This has changed dramatically both after our first client meeting and then again after furthering research.


We received our client contact information and Kathleen, our team leader, promptly emailed all of the team members to find out when was the best time for our very first videoconference with our client. Although it seemed to be a pretty simple task, we quickly found out scheduling would often be of concern. A GW student is already quite busy. Full with difficult classes, leadership positions in clubs, interviews for internships, flying out for case competition, and various other extracurricular activities.  Early on we agreed to settled on a date and time each week we would always meet in order to avoid this situation in the future.

Thursdays at 9AM.

We would wake up many Thursdays, earlier than for regular class, in order to converse with our client halfway across the world.


Jacques Sandelin – CEO of DISWIC

We started off with regular conversation and small talk. Although we had each prepared an introduction about ourselves he quickly disregarded that fact and reminded us our professor had sent him our biographies.


“Of course, let’s get right to business then.”


And so we did, Mr. Sandelin, is a very passionate man when it comes to the DISWIC product, we realized the financial and personal interest he had invested in this product. Although he had not invented the product himself, he had learned to love it when he had previously consulted the business, and of course became tied to it when he decided to buy the company. Mr. Sandelin’s passion grew as his daughter moved to the United States for University. Of course, which better country then the always-sunny California where pools are abundant for a water filtration system!

Mr. Sandelin was adamant about entering the pool segment for his product, but why when the end cost was so high? We had mixed feelings; was it because he actually knew it was profitable and DISWIC had a future there? Or was it simply a connection he felt to California through his daughter? How could we be sure?


We initially started off our Scope of Work regarding the pool segment, our team decided after the second week of research that the filtration process was too expensive and entering into the pool sector would not be profitable. Therefore we have since decided and followed the following scope of work:


“Team DISWIC will focus our consulting on recommendations for DISWIC’s market entry in the US, specifically looking at the industrial segment with cooling towers and industrial washing machines. We will look at the competitive advantages of DISWIC, analyze current competitors and assess the potential target market, which may be specific states, clusters or industry segments. We will also examine the benefits of working directly with manufacturers of the cooling towers as well as the benefits of selling directly to the industries utilizing these systems in their factories. Team DISWIC will provide suggestions on exporting or manufacturing in the US and setting up a DISWIC office in the US or creating alliances and partnerships. After researching and analyzing, we will present a marketing mix plan with an overall strategy, and specific recommendations on pricing and sales methods. To reach our recommendations, we will examine regulations on energy usage and spill water, incentives for energy reduction, and other benefits DISWIC will bring such as substantial cost savings with less maintenance, fewer chemicals, less energy usage and more efficiency.


We will communicate via email with Jacques Sandelin and set up Skype calls on a weekly basis.  All of our recommendations will be pulled together with a final presentation and report to the client in May.”


We have continued to exchange various emails with Mr. Sandelin, as well as continuous Thursday morning phone calls. We have narrowed down our segment even more and have decided to focus solely on cooling systems, and dropped industrial washing machines. We continue to do research to find out which segment is best to enter, regarding the price of the product, as well as the capacity of liquid the product can process. 


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