The presentation and the party

It has been a couple of weeks since our our CAP wrapped up but the memories are still afresh – maybe because I backpacked for a week after CAP.  The last day of our CAP was sort of anti-climax as we geared for our final presentations to our clients. The first couple of presentations were from the groups working for Uruwego Opportunity Bank.

Byoung, Conor, Chris and Andrew – All set for the final presentation

Team 1 presenting to their client

Presentation by team 2 – David, Dan Roth, Karthik and Kevin

Team 1 and 2 with their clients from Urwego Opportunity Bank

Both the teams presented with aplomb and their clients expressed  their happiness with the work put in by GW students. The presentations were comprehensive and clients looked excited by the recommendations and analysis presented by both the groups. It definitely helped us gain some valuable confidence ahead of our presentations scheduled post lunch.

DQAL presentation

DQAL Team with their client Mr. David Mupenzi and Prof. Click

Team 4 – John, Helina Emma, Sush and Omar. Before heading out for their presentation











As clock ticked 1, our client Mr. David Mupenzi arrived for the presentation by DQAL team. I believe we did a good of job covering all aspect of project deliverable. Mr. Mupenzi was excited to see our marketing materials : Pocket brochures, pamphlets, logos and slogans which we had designed apart from the marketing strategy for his organization. The expression on our clients face said it all by the time we finished our presentation.  It was exciting to see him giving us a standing ovation for our work. Soon he asked everyone to give us another round of applause. It was a great feeling not because our deliverable fulfilled the client expectations but also because we could sense that our work would make a big a difference in this small organization.

Unfortunately we could not see the final presentation of Team 4 working with Rwanda Business Development Fund  (BDF) as the client asked the team to present in the premises of BDF.  As our presentations finished, we geared up for the evening dinner scheduled at Heaven – one of the best restaurants in Kigali. On our way, we had a nice closing remarks from Prof. Click. The atmosphere was soothing amidst the food and drink in galore with lots of  amazing tuna, chicken pestos, soups some palatable side dishes. Amidst all this, we wasted no time trying our hand at beer filling competition at the restaurant. The deal was to fill the mug to a certain mark and you end up winning T shirts and CAP from local beer company – Mutzig. In the end, almost half of the Rwanda CAP team had won and it seemed as if we were Mutzig cheerleaders. As we wrapped our dinner, the plans were made to visit the local casino – The only one in Rwanda. Soon we called it a day as we headed back but yes, it was indeed a memorable experience. The first year in school had finally come to an end with a memorable CAP experience.

Post CAP party !

After winning Mutzig T-shirts and cap 🙂


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