That’s how you do it…

It was time. Ford Otosan and Acibadem were ready and so were we. The teams that worked with Ford Otosan were to present on Thursday and the Acibadem team on Friday. Our hotel lobby resembled the GWU library the night before a final. We were told that we needed to prepare two presentations – One, for our client contacts and the mid-management and the second one, a shorter executive presentation, for the senior management.


We reached the Ford plant by 9 am and were done with our presentations by 2:30. There were some questions asked to every team by the senior management on the presentation, but GWites were up for them. It was evident that our clients and the senior executives at Ford Otosan were more than satisfied and impressed with the work that was put in by the teams and the recommendations they provided. After 2:30, it was party time for 4 of the 5 teams. Only the Acibadem team that still had their presentation pending. On our way back, we stopped at a mall where some of us shopped, especially for some suits. I had hear a lot about the suits in Turkey, mostly about the tight, yet comfortable fitting, which is mostly a European style and I must say they lived up to my expectations.  That night was a fun night. For more information on that, you can speak to anyone from the gang in person!!


If the Ford Otosan clients were impressed with our work, wait to read what happened at Acibadem. The guys who worked with them were given an opportunity to join the organization in the future as they had not only impressed the Healthcare firm’s management, but had also developed a strong bond with them. We were back at our hotel by 1 pm and everyone was ready for one last hurrah in Istanbul. We already had a dinner and reception planned by the University for the night, but many of us had some plans of their own for the last night in the city. The dinner and reception was when the World Executive MBA students, who had just arrived in Turkey had a chance to mingle with us before they started working on their International projects. They were given some tips on things to do in and places not to miss in Istanbul. We were also joined by some of our alumni from Turkey during the reception. The reception was a great gesture by the school to round off an amazing trip for the GMBA’s and to begin what I hope would be just as good an experience for the WEMBA’s.


Once the reception ended, a huge group left the hotel to enjoy the night life in Istanbul. Nobody could say that we did not deserve it. That is the way GWites do it!



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