Quite a run… We’ll be back.

Reflecting on the last two weeks in Mumbai, words can’t convey what a truly remarkable experience it was (but I’ll give it a shot).  Learning how business is done in other countries and being able to offer a valuable deliverable to our client only begins to scratch the surface of it.  I’ve gotten to know so many of my classmates on another level.  I’ve been able to experience, first hand, how the most populous city in the second most populous nation in the world somehow operates.  I’ve spoken and connected with Indians from all different backgrounds.  I’ve met one of India’s richest billionaires and seen thousands of the world’s poor struggle to survive.  India is a land of contradictions, but let’s remember that it’s still a very young nation.

I’ll walk away from this knowing that although the country has a lot of growing to do economically, politically, and institutionally, it’s the most culturally and spiritually rich country I’ve ever visited.  I cannot remember a time I’ve felt so welcome; where the hospitality makes you pinch yourself.  You’ve impressed me, India.  I hope to visit you again soon.  Who knows, maybe some of the great contacts I’ve made during my time here will turn into potential career opportunities.  L&T, Tata Group, Cognizant: if you’re reading this, I’ll be reaching out…

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and a couple interviews with other members of the India CAP.  I asked both Jacque Banks Reilly and Elise Hodges what their favorite experience from the trip was.  Click on their names above to hear their replies.


India 2012 – Exeunt.


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