Ready… Exhale.

That’s IT!  We’re basically finished with our CAP.  The presentations were a HUGE success.  The CEO identified TWO ideas they thought they could start implementing right away.  The head of the Global Research and Analytics team (for whom we were targeting our findings) said we should all be watching CRISIL closely to see not if, but which recommendations they adopt.  This is very exciting for all of us.  Don’t take my word for it, though.  Here is their immediate feedback that was relayed to us from Dr. Phene:

“Dear Anu,

I found all the presentations yesterday to be of a high standard and very informative. You have a great bunch of MBA students and what we saw yesterday testifies to the quality of the program and to the guidance that they would have received from you.”

“Hi Anu
The feedback on your students and their presentations is highly positive. As you saw, we picked up some very interesting ideas.
Thanks to you and the team for doing this project – it was very useful for us.

Some favorite shots I snapped include Peter (great video here) and Charles practicing their presentations on the wall (we all did it, but I could only catch them), and a group shot worth taking a look at.

Well done to everyone on the India CAP!!!  Time to celebrate our hard work!


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