Week 2 Recap

Week two held quite a lineup of companies; the culmination coming Thursday when we delivered our final presentations to the Senior VPs and C Level Officers at CRISIL.  Some standouts were definitely e-nxt Financial (another subsidiary of the Tata Group), the Taj Hotel Group (another member of the Tata Group), and the United Way (probably soon to be acquired by the Tata Group).

e-nxt Financial is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) organization that started in voice (customer service, warranties, call routing), but has been moving into more high-skilled and therefore higher margin lines of business.  One they spoke at length about was finance and accounting services; the outsourcing of debt collection being one of them.  Of course they spent a full 45 minute presentation on the CSR efforts of the Tata Group (what good Tata subsidiary wouldn’t?), but it must be given to them that they are certainly doing well in that space.  I do question one’s modesty, however, when they start a sentence with “We don’t ever talk about this, but…” then go on to tell us how humble their civic-minded efforts are.  They also gave us a nice tour through the Jaguar/Land Rover call center – that was the second best highlight following Yuki peddling our welcome flowers outside of their headquarters (pictures below).

During the United Way site visit, we got to tour an orphanage/school/daycare center for “street children;” truly one of the top highlights of my trip to India.  We’ve been so immersed in site visits, slide decks, reports, and presentations on the Indian economy, that this much more human element was an eye-opening respite.  We heard how the center helped give these children a chance, then we spent time with the kids, playing games, learning their stories; I’ll never forget it.  Video here…

Final presentations are next… this is what all the work has been for.  Can’t wait to hear what they think about our recommendations.


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