Slummin it in Dharavi

Over the weekend, most of the India CAP chose to take a tour through one of the largest slums in Mumbai – Dharavi.  There’s a scene in Slumdog Millionaire where the main character runs across a bridge – the tour took the group over that same bridge.  Amid some slight concern from a few that the tour was exploiting the abject poverty in the city, the tour was made optional.

Those fears were laid to rest, however, as the tour guides were from those very same slums. They were proof that under the worst conditions imaginable, there still exists a society of friends, family, people who have hope in the future.  They believe their children’s lives will be better than their own.  Whether they start off collecting recyclables as so many do; exchanging giant bags of garbage for what equates to a few cents, or whether they someday open their own candle-making shop, ingenuity, hard work, and persistence pays off.  Much of the bread that you find in bakeries thorughout Mumbai get it from Dharavi.

Other happenings over the weekend:

Time spent poolside:

More custom suit adventures (Bilal spent more time at Filipo’s Tailor Shop than at the hotel!):

A visit to the Mumbai’s most scenic mosque: Haji Ali Dargah:

Next week holds many more site visits and what we’ve all been putting so much hard work toward; the final presentation to senior management at CRISIL!


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